12 Google Fonts You Can’t go Wrong with

Google Fonts is my number one go to source when it comes to free fonts to use on the web. However, the selection on Google Fonts has gotten big. Almost too big to the point where its hard to filter out the bad from the good.

For awhile now, I’ve been going back to a few fonts that I find to be quite versatile and seem to work nicely with most projects. Some of these fonts are great for headlines only while others only work nicely for body but there are a few that are multipurpose.


Headlines are most likely the first thing you will read when you land on a website. In fact, the overall feeling is probably established before you read the first word. A good headline font should have a lot of impact at large sizes. It can have more personality than a body font but should still communicate clearly.

Playfair Display

New Cycle



A great body font is one that is super legible and really easy to digest when reading large blocks of copy. These can be used for headlines as well, but I personally don’t think they deliver quite the same impact as some of the fonts mentioned above.



Merriweather Sans


Libre Baskerville


The criteria that makes a great multipurpose font is one that looks great at all sizes and has many weights with italics. I use these fonts more than any other. These fonts are extremely versatile and legible. If you are ever in doubt, these fonts are always a safe call.


Titillium Web