The portfolio of Steve Schoger
A UI/UX Designer currently working at Desire2Learn in Kitchener, Ontario.

Student Success System

June 2012

The Student Success System is a project I worked on at Desire2Learn. It is a tablet experience that allows teachers, students and students parents to monitor the achievements within each course through visualizations. The goal of the project was to create something that is informative, engaging and beautiful to keep everyone interested in the students progress. Coming up with the appropriate visualizations for each criteria was a challenge but extremely rewarding to see the final result. This project gave me my first design patent.

Brand Concepts

April 2011

Brand Concepts is a company the practices Taste Design. All of their clients are beer companies that want glasses designed specifically for the beer that is at hand. Each glass is shaped precisely to enhance to the drinking experience of the beer. They came to A51 Integrated to build a website to showcase their portfolio of beverageware. Using the great photography that was provided we created engaging experience that was fun to navigate.

Corus Entertainment Touchscreen Application

September 2010

While working at A51 Integrated, we were approached by Corus Entertainment to design and develop an application that would showcase all of its radio stations across Canada. The solution was a touchscreen that contains a map of the country marking all of its stations. Users could pinch to zoom to any location or browse with filters to listen to any station live on air. This project was completed for the opening of it's new head office on the lake front of downtown Toronto and remains in the lobby for visitors to interact with.

Adrenalyn XL by Panini America

June 2010

Adrenalyn XL is a trading card series where each card comes with a unique code allowing users to play against other collectors online. Having been provided with an already established look and feel I designed the website where users can manage their cards as well as the flash game where players would face each other. At first I was only tasked to design the NFL series but after the success of it they allowed our team to redesign the NBA and NHL series as well.

Various Icons

Creating icons is one of my favorite things to do as a UI Designer. Coming up with a great metaphor can be as tricky as getting them down to 16 pixels in size while ensuring consistency across a whole set. Each of the icons below were executed in a 16 pixel grid and are 100% vector so they can be scaled in multiples of 16 to accommodate retina displays and larger sizes where needed.